THE BALFOUR DINNER 1st February 2024

We were delighted to announce the return of our flagship event – The Annual Balfour Dinner. Originally planned for the 9th November 2023, the event was postponed due to the outbreak of the war.

The Dinner commemorates the Balfour Declaration of November 2nd 1917 when Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, wrote to Lord Rothschild committing the British Government to creating a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine – the catalyst for the reborn State of Israel. Its significance is  reflected in the continued special relationship between Israel and Britain.

Initially advertised as a celebration marking the milestone 75th anniversary of the State of Israel, the Executive recognised the importance and the positivity of the message for the Balfour Dinner to go ahead. It was felt that people would want to identify with Israel, show that they are proud to be Israeli or to be visiting during the war and it sent a strong message that we’re still here and not going anywhere. In addition, it was considered important to keep the relationships between the countries strong.

The dinner was a truly successful evening. We were honoured to have two exceptional guest speakers. Our guest speaker from the United Kingdom was Colonel Richard Kemp, CBE. Colonel Kemp served in the British army from 1977 – 2006 and has spent his life fighting terrorism. Our guest speaker from Israel was Ambassador Dan Gillerman, Israel’s former Ambassador to the United Nations. A regular interviewee on Sky News – and numerous other channels – he is an outstanding presenter. The unofficial stars of the evening were the lone soldiers from HaBait Shel Benji, their table was generously sponsored by two of our guests. Through the brochure for the dinner, IBCA also raised significant funds for Stand With Us, a cause that could not be more fitting during this time.

Our guests included British Ambassador, H. E. Simon Waters, Australian Ambassador, H. E. Ralph King, Canadian Ambassador, H. E. Lisa Stadelbauer, Cypriot Ambassador, H. E. Kornelios Korneliou, Sri Lankan Ambassador, H. E. Nimal Bandara and Ambassador Daniel Taub, formerly the representative of the State of Israel in the United Kingdom.

We were fortunate to have a wonderful write up of the evening written by journalist Leon Kraiem, for the Jerusalem Post.

You can view the commemorative brochure from this years Balfour Dinner below.