Reception at the British Ambassador’s Residence – 12th October 2021

IBCA was privileged to be hosted by H.E. Neil Wigan, the British Ambassador to Israel, at his residence. The evening was the inauguration of a series of events to celebrate the Balfour Declaration of 2017 committing the then British Government to creating a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine.

IBCA chair, Brenda Katten, expressed the Association’s deep appreciation to the Ambassador for his warm and generous hospitality and introduced the guest speaker Ambassador Daniel Taub – formerly Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom – Katten commented on how it must have been a surreal moment for one born and bred in Britain to be returning as Israel’s foremost representative.

Taub gave a riveting lecture embracing, not only the historical facts of the Declaration, but insights into the Rothschild family’s contribution to the coming into being of modern day Israel. His absorbing presentation held his audience spellbound. One of IBCA’s most exciting and successful events!

The Chair of IBCA, Brenda Katten, with our guest speaker Ambassador Daniel Taub, Israel’s former ambassador to the UK and the British Ambassador H. E. Neil Wigan