Queen Elizabeth II 1926 – 2022

H.E. Neil Wigan September 9th 2022

The British Ambassador to Israel

Dear Ambassador Wigan

It is with profound sadness that I write this email on behalf of Israel, Britain and the Commonwealth Association.

Although aware that Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years of age somehow the concept of her final departing seemed to be in a distant future.  Her Majesty was always there for her people.  Her serene and warm persona consistently succeeded in bringing a sense of pride and calm to the citizens of the United Kingdom and those living further afield within the Commonwealth countries.

Queen Elizabeth’s leadership was one of strong commitment to both her country and her people.  Yet, together with this intense sense of duty, Her Majesty embraced warmth, understanding and a sense of caring for all privileged to have had the opportunity of being in her presence.

In conveying our sense of loss IBCA wishes to extend its heartfelt condolence to His Majesty King Charles III and to all members of the Royal family.


Brenda Katten

Chairperson IBCA