BATTLE OF BEERSHEBA – 105TH Anniversary – SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE, October 31st 2022

IBCA’s representatives, Brenda Katten, Joseph Beenstock and Andee Gold were honored to participate in this moving ceremony recalling the battle that changed history.

Australia’s Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Paul Griffiths, gave a moving account of the battle fought on October 31st 1917, in Beersheba, when young brave horsemen of the Australian Light Horse Regiment – armed with only a bayonet in their hands – fought and won the battle against the might of the Turkish Army; a truly amazing feat of courage and faith.

The winning of the battle was the catalyst for the then British Foreign Minister – Arthur James Balfour – to write his famous letter to Lord Rothschild committing the British Government to creating a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine.

IBCA laid a wreath at the Beersheba cemetery where these young heroes are buried.