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    Summary of IBCA's Annual General Meeting held on August 3, 2020
    Zoom meeting with 28 members participating

    Outgoing IBCA Chairman, Alex Deutsch, opened the meeting by welcoming all the participants who were present online - (due to Covid 19 restrictions it was decided to hold the meeting by Zoom) but all could be seen and heard. Alex went over the highlights of his report which had been circulated previously (and is again attached).

    Outgoing Hon. Treasurer Roger Lavender summarized the Treasurer's Report (attached) and the Report of the Audit Committee for 2019. Following voting the Audited Financial Statements, for the year ended December 31st 2019, was adopted as was the adoption of the 2019 Compliance Report plus the Appointment of the Audit Committee and IBCA Auditors for the coming year. (Documents all circulated to the membership previously are herewith attached).

    Election of New Committee Members - There were no new nominees.

    All current members of the Executive Committee agreed to remain on the committee. Brenda Katten, Roger Lavender, Anton Felton, Irene Gee and Ephry Eder (co-opted last year) required reelection to the committee and were duly elected. The Committee now comprises: Brenda Katten, Sam Lewis, Ephry Eder, Irene Gee, Joseph Beenstock, Jeanette Cannon, Alex Deutsch, Anton Felton, Sima Jacob, Roger Lavender.

    Brenda Katten had been formally voted by the Committee to take over as Chairperson. Ephry Eder formally voted to take over as Honorary Treasurer. Brenda warmly congratulated Alex for his tireless enthusiasm over the past 6 years as Chairman - taking the organization from strength to strength and acknowledging that it was a privilege to work with him and that he would be a hard act to follow but. She was grateful that he would stay on the Committee. She also thanked Roger for his contribution and hard work as Hon. Treasurer and appreciated his agreeing to stay on the Committee.


    IBCA Treasurer's Report for the year ending 31 December 2019 to the 2020 Annual General Meeting